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      Large Character Drop On Demand (DOD) Industrial Inkjet Printers?

      A Large Character DOD Inkjet Printer (Drop On Demand) is optimal for applications that require print heights greater than ½” (range: 7mm-190mm; 0.28”-7.5”) and bold print. DOD inkjet printers can be used across a broad array of industries for secondary printing (boxes, bags, cartons, boxes etc.) and primary printing (steel beams, various metals, plastics, pallets) applications.

      A DOD large character inkjet printer easily prints on porous and non-porous substrates of cartons, boxes, packages or products like sacks, panels, tubes, pallets, tanks and barrels.

      Zanasi’s large character Drop on Demand inkjet printers are an excellent choice for most printing and coding applications requiring output heights of more than ½” because they offer:
      ?• Excellent print quality – high quality coding output delivered via proven solenoid technology; great print results on porous and non-por?
      • Low cost – extremely cost effective inkjet printing?
      • Ease of use – Simple, robust design makes them easy to operate & maintain
      ?• Flexibility – easy to configure up to 16 printheads to meet virtually any industrial printing need?
      • Durability – each DOD inkjet printer features a strong, stainless steel external casing which provides excellent protection from humidity, dust and high temperatures found in industrial environments

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