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    1. Zanasi | Official Website logo



      “ Orkestra è il nuovo software al servizio degli operatori. La semplice interfaccia utente diventa uno strumento completo per organizzare e semplificare il lavoro. Riconoscibile, intuitivo, personalizzabile, da dirigere e accordare in ogni sua parte a seconda dell’utilizzo di ogni singola persona. Orkestra è unico, proprio come te.”

      Clara, Roberto e Alessandro – R&D Dept. Zanasi



      ORKESTRA 簡介

      • Home page

        A band in the console warns you, according to the color, the type of alarm and assistance you need. Query the online help section of Orkestra’s coding and marking software to get the available information about functions and anomalies resolutions. In the future you can contact our technicians directly for remote assistance. Remote assistance allows you to access remotely via Internet, and to control the parameters of the installed system. Better ordinary use of the system, real-time diagnostics, support, and reduction of the interventions.

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        The verification function of the message allows you to view the actual size of the print. A new feature to simplify the printing process, work independently and print messages just as you imagine them.

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        Smart. The editing control function checks the print parameters of stored messages and signals a possible operator error. Lower processing costs, the message will be checked and stopped at the moment of creation.

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        Never stop! A contextual online help menu will allow you to view video tutorials and didactic demos, always visible directly in the console and always available anywhere in the software interface.

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        With Orkestra you are connected to your world. Synergy and versatile integration via Ethernet, USB and Serial for quick management of external databases and the control of production, right from your desk.

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        No more endless menu, the user interface is customizable by function and type of activity, with multi-level login access. Multi-user management different use according to the type of operator.

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        It's super easy! Use our simple drag-and-drop tool to create fixed or variable texts, dates, clock functions, counters, bar codes, logos, drawings and much more. The editor menu will guide you in the selection of all available fields and finally you could see a preview of YOUR message.

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      • HOME PAGE

        Customize your menu on the homepage and activate the icons that correspond just to the modules useful for your business. To check your work, just have a look at the graphics on the home page to monitor in real time and in detail the status of your printer.

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